so this must be christmas…

last christmas, i gave you my heart but the very next day, you gave it away. this year to save me from tears, i’ll give it to someone special”- last christmas, wham!

Another Christmas has come upon us….
As usual, I feel the same way I always do which tends to be a combination of boredom, indifference and an overall, all-encompassing sense of “blah-ness”. I won’t bore you with the details. I think it’s rather cliche at this point to go into great detail how the holiday season has become nothing more than a gross exercise in greed, neglect and one-upmanship. It’s also a time where one tends to feel divorced from his fellow man if he doesn’t exactly feel like jumping for joy at the prospects of hearing yet another rendition of “’twas the night before christmas”. How did I get this way? I don’t know… Maybe because I didn’t get that gift I was begging Santa a.k.a. Mom for what seemed like months on end in advance only to find out I got a pair of socks. Could that be it? Nah… Could it be a bitter breakup with a significant other who I could have sworn up and down to anyone who would have listened that she was the one? Nah…

Suffice it to say I never got into the whole Christmas thing from a very young age and the impending sense of doom that would emerge every Black Friday within me and I would simply shrug and roll my eyes when I hear someone talking about how Christmas is the holiday for bringing people together and goodwill towards your fellow man. Ironic when you then read the newspaper to find out about a lowly Walmart employee getting trampled to death by shoppers so desperate to spread that holiday cheer they bumrush through the door with nary a care in their mad dash to grab this year’s hot toy.  I think this year it’s the Nintendo Wii if I’m not mistaken.

Who knows? I may just be in a bad mood. I hope I’m not dashing anyone’s celebration. If I am, I offer up some George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley to drive it home. Enjoy!

P.S. Welcome to my home. I am Billy Suede, the boy with the thorn in his side.


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