holy 1987, batman!

“All you want from me are three little words

but you just get me laughing, a quiet sound

I know I’m with you now but this all might end

so save all the “I love you’s” and let’s not pretend”


Ok. Raise your hands. Who amongst you readily admits to being an unequivocal, absolute 80’s music disciple? I will. I will say it loud and oh yes, I will say it proudly. The 80s were the last great decade of musical invention, innovation and risk-taking. The 90s did bring us britpop and the rise of techno and ugh, grunge. The 00’s brought us….an opportunity to look back and re-evaluate why the 80s were such an important decade in terms of style, pop culture and of course, the music.

One shining example of the 1980s electronic pop sound brought back with magnificent effect is the debut single by Vincent Frank, aka Frankmusik, out of Croydon, England.  Take a step into the time machine in your mind, set it to 1987 and you will see where Frank’s inspiration stems for this sizzling slice of electro. Do the names Stock, Aitken and Waterman ring a bell? Vincent learned his lessons very well in how to write a perfect pop single. His debut album sit to hit in early 2009 with supa-dupa producer, Stuart Price (Zoot Woman, Madonna, Keane, Seal, The Killers) in tow is a surefire bit to be blaring out of my stereo for weeks on end. 

If the song itself doesn’t get you, one look at the cute video will truly make you fall in love. An homage to the silly, euphoric vibe of the videos that were the standard two decades ago. We have Vincent and two very attractive girls dancing up a storm on a giant keyboard. I WANT ONE! I want to jump on the keys and have them light up with each step I take. These are the kinds of presents I want for Christmas but never get!  Anyway, enjoy the track and if you want more, check out the MySpace


1 Comment

  1. I kept thinking “I don’t remember this song – why not? It’s great!”

    Then I saw the (C) line. Looks like something to look out for next year…

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