the classics – epmd

“When I come around homeboy, watch your nugget
I master on the beat down, my style’s rugged
When I attack the microphone, close the zone
Rap sees danger, can’t roam
Security is packed and wall to wall can’t fall
A rap tank is full so I can’t stall
My microphone is filled with premium
Any whack M.C. that flexes, I’m creamin’ ’em
Not with lotion, bust the motion, flotation
When I’m rockin’ the mike I’m like coastin’
Underneath fatigue at my peak
You still seek the style ’cause yours is extra weak
New method, rip the stage at my age and get loose and kick
Like Bruce in a rage-I’m on a rampage”


Billy can get down with the hip hop and ya don’t stop like the best of them. Oh yes! When you’re talking all things rap, it really doesn’t get much better than Erick & Parrish Makin’ Dollars or as they are better known, EPMD. Straight out of Long Island in the mid 1980s, the duo became part of a new breed as Long Island, New York for a brief time became a mecca of lyrically conscious rap in a time when music in general was becoming sterile, superficial and mediocre. Along with “neighbours” in Public Enemy, Leaders of The New School and De La Soul, Long Island was on the map. 

Their debut single, “Ya Gots To Chill” was an instant classic complete with a clever sample taken from “More Bounce To The Ounce” by Zapp and the debut album, “Strictly Business” became a classic and is still alive today when you listen to the works of Nas, Jay-Z, Immortal Technique among others. After a long sabbatical, the duo made their long awaited return on December 9th with the brand new soon-to-be classic, “We Mean Business”. If you haven’t heard EPMD before and you call yourself a hip hop fan, do you due diligence and pick up the new record and work your way back. Start above with one of my faves “Rampage” taken from the 1990 record, “Business As Usual” featuring LL Cool J.


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