yes, this fear’s got a hold on me…

“Floating neither up or down i wonder when i’ll hit the ground
well the earth beneath my body shake
and cast your sleeping hearts awake
could it tremble stars from moon light skies
could it drag a tear from your cold eyes
i live on the right side i sleep in the left
that’s why everything’s got to be love or death”


Wow. The return of guitar solos! Who would’ve thought? From the ashes of indie pop band Fear of Flying we bear witness to the rise of White Lies. Nothing warms the cockles of my heart more than a band unafraid to say what people shudder at the mere thought of:  The beauty of death. Such a delicate topic to discuss and examine. Difficult to truly describe with a true sense of perspective for obvious reasons but the majesty of this single rests with the gentle yet stern vocals of Harry McVeigh and the teeming intensity resting in the music as it builds to a rip-roaring chorus.  I can see the Interpol, Editors and lazy Joy Division comparisons on the horizon. Ugh.

NB: If you haven’t noticed yet, I am a big fan of the big chorus payoff.

“Death” by White Lies is right up there on my lists of best songs of 2008.  One listen and you’ll see what I mean. This is truly a band to watch as the singles released to date including Unfinished Business and the title track to their forthcoming record, To Lose My Life exhibit a band that’s unafraid to lay in the dark recesses of your mind and provide the soundtracks to your darkest thoughts. The record is out in January in the UK via Fiction. No word on a US date as yet but you can be sure I will keep you posted. 

Yes, this fear’s got a hold on me.


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