seattle. there’s more to it than grunge apparently!

“well paris is burning with the fright

of a time that comes for us tonight

paris is burning from this fight

of the lines of men that rule with fright

they see the barricade

and run to hold the line

they chant their slogans

and raise their hands to sign

cause paris is burning to the barricade”


Yes, yes…I know what you’re thinking. Billy, Billy…Post-punk is played out. It’s cliche… For Christ’s sake, how many times can you rip off Joy Division and still be considered cool? Well, friends. I respond simply be saying that post-punk will always be cool and this band I feature here today, Romance, definitely brings some verve and much needed spirit to the fore. Four young men from Seattle have come forth to be a force to be reckoned with in the new year. Paris Is Burning is a song taken from their debut record, The Divide,  which was just recently released in November. If I do say so myself, this is a keeper. 11 songs of torment, vitriol and pent-up aggression with a twinge of Chameleon-ic vigor. Let’s be honest. Would you expect anything less from a band that comes from Seattle? Grunge, the Mariners, and an NBA team that bailed on you for Oklahoma City of all places? I think I’d be a bit put off myself! 

At any rate, pick up The Divide. Support Romance as they eventually make their way east! Today, another album track Face On The Sun is currently Song of the Day on KEXP Radio. So check them out, visit their MySpace and tell them Billy sent you! Do it!s


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