a definite must!

Go see Gran Torino! Reportedly to be Clint Eastwood’s final acting role. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel a sudden need to recite lines from “dirty harry” films. Whatever you’re doing at the moment that you feel is so pressing, stop! It’s not important. Go see this film posthaste!


i’m packing up and moving to australia!


I want to get to the bottom of this now! There is a conspiracy afoot and it needs to be exposed. Right under the noses of the greater populace of America, there is a massive movement of absolutely poperrific sounds coming from the land Down Under! Going back to the 80s you had INXS & Men At Work, Kylie and Dannii Minogue. On a lesser plane you’ve got your Icehouse, Pseudo Echo, Re-Flex and the like. Fast forward to today and you have the mega label, Modular Recordings and their peerless roster including the likes of New Young Pony Club, the Presets, Ladyhawke and Cut Copy.  Go down to your local hipster indie dance night and it’s a pretty fair bet that you will hear music from one of the aforementioned artists as you’re sweating up a storm on the dance floor.

Yet there is another band from Oz that deserves just as much recognition and one I would gladly put in a vote for to be welcomed into the Modular family. Friends! Have you heard Parralox? NO? Well you sure ought to! Their debut record Electricity was recently released in November and it’s simply ferocious.  Roxy and John were gracious enough to allow me a track to share with you from their stellar opus and this one is called Sharper Than A Knife.  A gorgeous midtempo stomper that will leave the most hardened walldweller wistfully swaying to the beat. Close your eyes and you”d swear you were listening to Kate Bush’s lush vocals swimming in an ocean of Vince Clarke’e bleeps and blips. Highly recommended! Check them out on MySpace.

Parralox – Sharper Than A Knife, taken from the album, “Electricity”