all hail the king…

  “In the absence of your love

And in the absence of human touch

I have decided I’m throwing my arms around all of paris

because only stone and steel accept my love”


It’s time. The new Morrissey record, “Year of Refusal” has leaked into cyberspace and the single I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris is now available to hear on MySpace. You can also hear it above and it is a glorious song indeed. A simple, plaintive ballad where we find our hero returning to his roots. A desperate plea for love which as we know in Moz’s world is never returned. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there feeling like inanimate objects like steel, a teddy bear or a lamp post are the only ones who truly understand our pain.

I put it to you, friends! What say you of the new Moz song?! Comments!



  1. I love this song – Thank you so much for posting it!! Beautifully written blog too – as always!! xo

    • Welcome aboard, Amy! Always a pleasure to have visitors come about. Glad you enjoy the song and I’m sure Moz thanks you too! 🙂

  2. he is cute. is he your husband?

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