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Truth time. This post is truly from the heart. This is a band you must listen to now. I mean, right now. As in, five minutes ago, right now. This is the Dossier. They are the deep seedy underground of New York City. They are the freedom and exasperation that comes over you when “that song” comes on the dancefloor at the night’s apex. They simply are another example of why we get that lump in our throat when we talk about a song that made us cringe, laugh, cry and simply feel. 

Peter Riley and Michael Parkin emerged after the dissolution of one of NYC’s underappreciated treasures, Saintface. A pop band that wore its influences on its sleeves and was gushing with poptastic sounds to spare. Thankfully, the two friends who were the engine and heart of Saintface did not rest for long. They turned to the synthesizers and became proof that classic songwriting knows no instrumentation! To be honest, I could go all day extolling the virtues of the Dossier. Listen to “Sunrise” from their forthcoming debut Strange Arrangements which will be a classic, I predict, and I defy you to leave this blog thinking this band is on to something. Only in New York…


Want more? You know where to go.  The Dossier on MySpace

“Sunrise” by The Dossier, taken from the forthcoming record, “Strange Arrangements” (Whipsmart)



  1. “As in, five minutes ago, right now.” — jacking my lines.

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