hype alert…glasvegas


“When your feet decide to walk you on the wayward side

Up upon the stairs and down the downward slide
I will, I will turn your tide
Do all that I can to heal you inside
I’ll be the angel on your shoulder
My name is Geraldine, I’m your social worker”


I’m intentionally late on posting about Glasvegas. I’m sure you’ve all heard about them by now due in no small part by the hype of their manager, Alan McGee and the NME. A clever pastiche of 60s doo wop, girl groups, Phil Spector and throw in some good-old fashioned MBV/J&MC style feedback and you’ve got yourself the most anticipated band and record heading into 2009. Well, they played this past Tuesday at the Bowery Ballroom and I was there with friends who were beyond psyched for the show. Alas I was the party pooper as I wasn’t impressed by what I heard on record but hey it’s a show so why not, right?

The place was packed to the hilt. I noticed David Fricke from Rolling Stone hanging out to my left by the stairs looking ever so Joey Ramone.  The band came on and if you blinked you’d swear you were looking at half the Clash, Mo Tucker from the Velvet Underground and some other dude on stage. Granted the singer, James Allan, is a little on the short side but he could certainly pass for one Joe Strummer! The music was as I described. Very Spector “Wall of Sound”-esque. The crowd ate it up and was singing to every word especially for singles, “Geraldine” and “Daddy’s Gone” which naturally is a testament to the hype and the impact the songs have already made. Unfortunately, it all went over my head as I left the Bowery with the same opinion of the band I had going in. There was simply no connection. They just left me numb. That is not to say they are bad at all. They’re not, they’re quite good live but the songs…just left me cold. You’ve been warned.


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  1. Too short ….. the set, not the singer ….. I love them still and I’ll be at Webster Hall in March

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