tonight…i present ulysses!

Oh yes…we’re getting closer to the release of the first big record of 2009. The third long-player from the new Scottish gentry, Franz Ferdinand. It’s out in the State on the 27th via Domino/Epic and it’s called Tonight…Franz Ferdinand. If you enjoyed the first two records, especially the self-titled debut then you will go head over heels over the new record which already is shaping up to be their best yet. This is a band to put your faith in, ladies and gentlemen. I posted about the leadoff single, Ulysses, and raved about how sinister and sleazy it sounded. Well, the video above fits that vibe quite nicely, I must say. The same could be said for the record as a whole so it will definitely be a treat! As an added treat, here’s another track from the record and is always one of my favourites, it’s called Live Alone. Get your dancing shoes ready for this one!

“Live Alone”, taken from the forthcoming Domino/Epic release, “Tonight…Franz Ferdinand”


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  1. good stuff. looking forward to the full length! do you happen to know who directed this video??

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