now this is a band with a serious obsession with all things morbid…


“So let me hold you in my arms a while

I was careless as a child

There’s a part of me that still believes

My soul will soar above the trees

A desperate fearflows through my blood.

Our dead loves buried beaneath the mud”


If Death, previously featured here, wasn’t enough, the new single by White Lies certainly goes a long way to confirming your suspicions about the intentions of this band. They aim to be your next favourite band to slit your wrists to. Not that I would condone or aim to promote such behaviour but you can definitely understand what I mean. The title track to the forthcoming debut record, To Lose My Life, is just so good. If you loved the previous singles like me then To Lose My Life is right up your alley. Harry McVeigh’s is as haunting as ever and the music plods with a singular purpose: to unnerve you whilst you dance with your eyes closed swaying…

The album is out next week in the UK via Fiction and I’m trying like mad to find out a US release date! Incidentally, I heard Death playing earlier at my gym so Interscope is definitely applying the pressure right now. If anyone has any info, please feel free to pass it along. In the meantime, play the video to your heart’s content and find yourself submerged in its evil beauty.


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