from the great white north, the junior boys…

“Girl the night’s not over (Oh, too young)
We’re not getting older
They can chase forever
‘Cause in the morning there’s a million names to choose from
You don’t care just take one
Leave a place to rest on
Because you’re too young”


I was watching the Pet Shop Boys documentary A Life In Pop today while my internet connection was down when it was said by a music writer how in dance music, it’s not allowed to blend beats with substantive lyrics. It’s a certain path to failure and indifference from the masses at large. To me, it’s a rather interesting point and is a very valid one. Take for example, Hamilton, Ontario’s Junior Boys. A electronic pop duo that brings a love of early 80s dance music, new wave and throws in a bit of Timbaland-esque rhythms that should catapult any band to the top of the pops. Alas, it’s not yet happened but it’s not for lack of ability or songs.

Beginning with their 2004 debut Last Exit featuring such arresting songs like More Than Real, Birthday,  & Teach Me How To Fight, it was pretty evident then that this act featuring Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus, were on to something that seemed so cold and detached yet at the same time carried an undercurrent of optimism. The following record 2006’s So This Is Goodbye featuring the singles Like A Child and their finest work to date, In The Morning, featured above showed a progression that further defined their sound.

Now comes word after long last, the third album is ready to go! Begone Dull Care (Domino) makes its way Stateside 27 April to be preceded by the single Hazel. To promote the record, the band will be off on a six week tour of the Americas launching in Toronto, naturally. Do yourself a favour and see this band. Buy their records and make them famous! Such beauty should not be kept under wraps!

The tracklisting:

•Parallel Lines
•Bits And Pieces
•Dull To Pause
•Sneak A Picture
•The Animator
•What It’s For
Want to hear more. Go MySpace!


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