et tu, u2?

Ok if you didn’t know already, I’ll tell you now. U2 are probably THE most overrated band in recent memory next to Nirvana. Why? They got where they are due to some of the increduous examples of serendipity known to man. What do I mean? Simply put, the better bands broke up clearing a nice easy path for Saint Bono and his boys to become as American as apple pie. The year was 1987. The Smiths? Johnny Marr left Morrissey and all went dark. Echo & The Bunnymen? Pete DeFreitas dies and Ian McCulloch gets the solo bug. New Order? Substance was essentially a singles collection and True Faith was mega but the band took a holiday in Ibiza and that was all she wrote for a while. The nearest competitor was INXS but again U2’s press machine would not be stopped! The Joshua Tree followed by U2 “Hey! We just discovered the blooos!” record, Rattle & Hum basically ensured they would be well on the way to becoming the most safe Irish Catholic rabble-rousers MTV would ever inflict upon us.

Now this isn’t meant to bash U2 at least not too much. Don’t get me wrong. They did have a ton of great songs. Unfortunately, conquering America took so much energy out of them that by the time the nineties came they were running on fumes creatively as evidenced by the uneven efforts to follow. The 00’s have been even worse as Bono appears to care more about hobknobbing with George Bush than he does about writing a solid tune. What that said, here comes the new record No Line On The Horizon due out 3 March on Interscope.  Once again, the hype machine is going full throttle with boasts of this record being the most important record of the decade and surefire best of the year candidate. Let’s slow down, shall we? Please? 

Radio 1 unveiled the new single and it’s called Get On Your Boots. Personally I’m not too sure about the title but whatever. The song definitely sounds like U2 on a blue pill as it sounds fresher than anything theyve done such Pop. Is the song any good? I’ll leave it to you guys. In my opinion, it’s a grower. Then again, I’m biased so maybe I’ll just keep my mouth shut on this one.

Oh I can just imagine the hate mail I’ll be getting from this little rant….


just a random wtf…

Joaquin Phoenix becoming a rapper with the production chores rumoured to be handled by none other than Puff Daddy? Oops, sorry. I mean Diddy. Am i the only one who can hear the faint of river phoenix turning and shivering in his grave?

Boy George is in the slammer…again. I know it’s hardly news at this point. It just begs the question: Does singing “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” still carry any effect whatsover given the fact the song is almost thirty years old?

It’s these things that keep me up at night.