just a random wtf…

Joaquin Phoenix becoming a rapper with the production chores rumoured to be handled by none other than Puff Daddy? Oops, sorry. I mean Diddy. Am i the only one who can hear the faint of river phoenix turning and shivering in his grave?

Boy George is in the slammer…again. I know it’s hardly news at this point. It just begs the question: Does singing “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” still carry any effect whatsover given the fact the song is almost thirty years old?

It’s these things that keep me up at night.



  1. I cannot believe Joaquin is going to rap. That is just unreal. Perhaps an acoustic gig or something else, but rap? He needed to keep his day job! As for George, really, he brought that on himself, didn’t he? Roping and beating someone with chains indicates serious issues! I do wonder if he’ll serve the entire term? The song — irony perhaps?

    • You’re telling me! What’s up with his new look too? Who does he think he is? Snow?

      NP – “Informer” – Snow

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