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“The road I walk is paved in gold
To glorify my platinum soul
I am the closest thing to God
So worship me and never stop.

The rested blood runs through my veins
I gave up everything for fame
I am the life that you adore
Now feed the rich, fuck the poor.”


Apparently a lot of you didn’t get the message. You know who you are! You’re one of them! Those who completely carried on through your day reading your blogs, your magazines and maybe even caught a bit of MTV and completely glossed over one of the better new new wave bands to come along and most definitely one of the brighter hopes to answer the onslaught brought about by our British brethren. From the suburbs of Philadelphia come Innerpartysystem and the song featured above entitled Don’t Stop is taken from their debut self titled record that was released a few months ago on Island/Def Jam. 

Don’t Stop is a slick track that bemoans the fickle, insipid reality TV culture that now encompasses our lives. The video drives this point home quite vividly and one of the best video presentations I’ve seen in quite a while.  It’s about time someone has stepped up to the wrest the title of Great American New Wave Hope away from the most overrated band that’s come along in ten years in the Killers. Here’s my hope that the American public comes to their senses and invests in Innerpartysystem. I mean, really…It’s bad enough the Killers completely plaigiarised Forever Young by Alphaville to write Human but does a great up and coming band like Innerpartysystem have to suffer for it?


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