pro + con = procon

From the Great White North comes ProCon, a maelstrom of synth and sass. A plethora of guitars and pomp. A healthy battle waged between the forces of pop and the forces of punk with a generous dose of gooey sex to calm the nerves. Hailing from Toronto, the duo made up of the Countess Christsmasher (vocals, synths) and Count Feedback (guitars, synths), ProCon is coming on fast in this electronic renaissance sweeping across the blogosphere. They recently released their new album entitled Kingmaker (Ginchopolis) to rave reviews and a nice feature in Toronto’s Eye magazine. 

Kingmaker simply rocks. It’s got attitude. It’s got pizazz. It will leave you soaking wet. It does what every good record is supposed to do. They’ll be heading down to the States towards the spring for a few dates and I don’t think I need to tell you that they are a must-see live. Do it! Support them. Become familiar with them. Love them. Hear more at their MySpace.

“Pretty Pony” by ProCon, taken from the Ginchopolis release, “Kingmaker”


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