there goes the fear, here come (the) doves…

Thank heavens! The Doves , or simply Doves, are back! It’s been a long time since the epic Some Cities record and if the first single Jetstream is any indicator whatsoever, this may be the most eclectic and perhaps best Doves record yet. Channeling some serious New Order vibes, Jetstream is the most danceable Doves song to date for sure. I’d be very interested in hearing the remixes to come from this! 

The single is taken from the band’s fourth record entitled Kingdom Of Rust, out 6 April in the UK. The USA release date is the familiar TBA. If you hurry, the band has Jetstram available as a free download on their website for two weeks only. A word of caution though: I’ve tried to get on the site and it’s been crazy busy so if you get yours, let me know!

Kingdom Of Rust tracklisting:

‘Kingdom Of Rust’
‘The Outsiders’
‘Winter Hill’
‘The Greatest Denier’
‘Birds Flew Backwards’
‘House Of Mirrors’


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  1. This is a great song!

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