i’ve had it!

It must be said. It must be said now. The Kilers stink. That’s right. I said it. They are deplorable. Bland new-wave revivalist bandwagon-jumpers led by a complete inane babbler of a lead vocalist and frontman. Does no one else see this but me? Let’s be honest. Hot Fuss was a good record if you cut out the second half and made it an EP. Sam’s Town was pure rubbish. The Killers gone all Springsteen-esque with The Boss’ current producer-du-jour, Brendan O’Brien, at the controls and the record succeeded in its attempts to share retread dad-rock disguised as anthem-rock for the disaffected youth quite nicely. It, like its predecessor, would sell big. 

Now here is where I draw the line. With the newest record Day & Age, The Fillers, as they ought to be called continue down the path already beaten down by other more talented artists and enlist the services of Stuart Price to produce a record that’s back to the roots of the Fillers’ sound. In other words, make them sound even more like  refried Duran Duran than they did on Hot Fuss.  Not only did they not get that right, the leadoff single Human with that old chestnut of a chorus Are we human, or are we dancer? is a direct note by note hackjob of…

Alphaville’s new wave anthem Forever Young! Umm…what! Did no one else catch this? Are Marian Gold and Bernhard Lloyd paying attention?! This must end. It must end now. Brandon Flowers and his “Who, me?” smirk must be beaten down to a precious little pulp. At the very least, make him go through the intermittent humilation of being sued like the Coldplay/Joe Satriani debacle.  

Does anybody possibly know how I feel?



  1. They are a hot, stinkin’ pile of feces. Yes, feces. I said it.

    • truer words never spoken

  2. I disagree with you so completely that I really have nothing to say.

    • C’mon Lyndsay, dear girl! You’ve got to give me better than that! I need anger! Seething, irrational anger! Why do you disagree? ARRRRRGGGGH!

  3. I agree. They are so overrated.

  4. You are blowing this “The Killers ripped off Alphaville!” (oh the shock and horror) thing way out of proportion. The arrangement (particularly the intro) and some of the chord intervals are similar but using that criteria every song The Ramones touched is a rip off. Get away from the arrangement a bit and watch this to get a feel of what I’m talking about and then compare it to a similar take on “Forever Young”. They are very different songs.
    On The Killers in general even if you consider them “bland new-wave revivalist” I don’t think “bandwagon-jumpers” is right since Brandon Flowers previous band released material that only someone following the modern synthpop scene with a microscope would have caught. It’s not like he’s in it for the money. If your looking for people jumping on the new wave revival gravy train look at bands that jumped off a couple of years ago like The Bravery. Are The Killers the greatest band ever? No. They are wildly inconsistent songwriters but when they get it right they really get it right. They have the advantage of being a relatively young band as Flowers is still a few years shy of 30 and they could iron out their kinks in the next couple of years and start turning in consistent albums. Look at most of the revered long term new wave acts early work and you’ll find that their early albums just don’t measure up to their masterpiece albums.

  5. Monk. Can I call you Monk? You raise a fair point. I will counter simply by stating while it is true that the idea of “ripping off” a song or band may hardly be seen as novel, using a well-known song’s chord progression while barely deviating from it does merit some scrutiny.

    Furthermore, it’s true that many bands’ early records do have resemblances to their influences. It’s only natural. The great ones are those who are able to use those influences and cultivate a fresh sound right off the bat. Think “The Smiths”, “Boy”, etc…
    Most oftentimes, you often find that by the third record, bands remove the shackles of their inspirations and find the confidence in what they’re expressing and you get a sense of what the band is. The Killers in “Day & Age” instead of doing that simply fall prey to going back to what worked on the first record without doing anything new or more importantly, give any insight into who the Killers really are. They sound nice treading the new wave sound once again but ultimately is it anything that is going to resonate down the road? The great bands are able to achieve that. I don’t put the Killers in that league. We’ll have to agree to disagree but I do appreciate the discourse, Monk. Keep it coming!


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