it seems that love is in the air…

“No rules for foolish hearts

Never looking too hard
that´s the method of modern love
One touch is not enough
When you start, you can´t stop
that´s the method of modern love”

and it’s not even Spring yet! There you have it, boys and girls. The new single Method Of Modern Love by one of the better singles bands in recent memory, Saint Etienne. Beginning with their arresting cover of Neil Young’s Only Love Can Break Your Heart (sung by Moira Lambert, and not Sarah Cracknell) in 1990, the Saints have made a career of pristine pop confections that in their prime rivalled the likes of a certain band I featured a post ago in the Pet Shop Boys.

MOML brings Saint Etienne’s strengths back to the fore. Deceptively simple, straightforward dance pop sung with immaculate, sultry vocals that harken back to a 60s style where less was certainly more. The song is taken from their forthcoming greatest hits package entitled London Conversations – The Best of Saint Etienne. Trust me when I say this will be a must-have. Very few bands have done pop music so effortlessly over time than the Saints. 

I still love Sarah Cracknell to this day. If you’re reading, Sarah, call me!


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