anyone afraid of dragons?

“here we start the dislocating
found so far from what we dream
hammered down and resurrected
we burn the scars of what we bring
and now an time of new beginning
alone the past will never end
you will never catch me thinking
it can ever be the same”

If you haven’t yet noticed, I’m an Anglophile. If I had a choice in the matter I’d have been born right around the mid to late fifties in England so that way I’d have formed a band like all the other disaffected youth combing the streets of Leeds, Manchester, London, Liverpool, Bristol ot Sheffield. The talent pool was immense and much of the music that came out of the time frame helped to shape me and many others around the world in such beautiful music that ushered in a wave of limitless influence. 
One band who learned their lessons very well is known as Dragons. Informed by such luminaries like Joy Division, New Order, & Depeche Mode, Dragons come to us with a healthy dose of aggression in songs like the title track from their debut record Here Are The Roses, or Condition as well as more tender moments in songs such as Where Is The Love. With solid arrangements and an emphasis on songwriting to accompany the sonic backdrop, this is yet another band from across the pond that begs to be ringing in your ears. Pick up the record now here and see for yourself. For more info, be their friend on MySpace. After all, it is the place for friends, innit? 🙂


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