is is? no. it’s blitz!



It’s been some time but it’s nice to know when solid pop acts return with a new offering that allows us to take solace in the fact that hop does in face spring eternal.  After hitting one out of the park with their 2003 debut Fever To Tell and the somewhat underwhelming 2006 follow-up Show Your Bones, Brooklyn’s own Yeah Yeah Yeahs are set to release their third record It’s Blitz

Personally I’m hoping for more of the first record to inform the sound of the new record simply because Fever To Tell was brimming with such vitality and chutzpah. Much of that was lacking in Show Your Bones yet the third time is always the charm and as usually seems to be the case the third record is where the great band find a way to maximize their potential and unveil their best work for all of us to enjoy and marvel at. The record was produced by David Sitek of TV On The Radio, who also helmed the debut so it’s safe to say the band is once again in very capable hands. Thus far, It’s Blitz has a tentative release date of 6 April so mark your calendars, friends!

And the tracklisting is…


  1. Zero
  2. Heads Will Roll
  3. Soft Shock
  4. Skeletons’
  5. Dull Life
  6. Shame and Fortune
  7. Runaway
  8. Dragon Queen
  9. Hysteric
  10. Little Shadow


“Date With The Night”, taken from the Interscope release, “Fever To Tell”


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