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Newsflash: Pop music isn’t dead. Okay, I haven’t told you anything you didn’t know already. This is true although it does seem that for the last few years there’s been a certain antipathy, an outright refusal to accept that pop music doesn’t have to be what’s on the Billboard charts or on Top Of The Pops. It especially seems to be the case here in America where we Yanks simply refuse to make that distinction to a certain degree. Outside of the normal cultural hubs like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philly…it seems that pop is still seen as something that is dispensale, frivolous and has a very short shelflife. We know better, don’t we?

May I present as another example of pop music that is neither the distilled and market tested trifle we hear on the radio or dispensable, Brooklyn’s The Mystic Underground.  A electronic pop duo simply looking to write powerful manifestos about the simple things of life set to a dance beat. Influenced by the likes of the Smiths, Pet Shop Boys and Pulp, TMU marry wit and machines with tongues planted firmly in cheek. Evidence of this can be found in their recently released opus entitled It Really Shouldn’t Be This Hard. Much like anything in life, nothing ventured, nothing gained but pray tell must it be so difficult? 

The band will be performing very soon at Fontana’s in New York City on the 24th of February and it sounds like it would be a swell time had by all. In the meantime, you can hear their works on MySpace or simply buy the record here. Do it…now!

“The Trouble With Girls”, taken from the Stereosonic release, “It Really Shouldn’t Be This Hard”


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