from bristol with love…

 “I’ve fallen in love with a photograph
A moment of youth that I can’t get back
The days when you’re here it returns again
Emotions that feed on me everyday”

It’s time that I clue you in on another long time favourite band of mine. They are called Mesh and they hail from Bristol, England. Yes. The birthplace of trip-hop. Although their music resembles very little of the sound that ut that city on the map, Mesh’s brand of electronic pop needs no apologies. Formed in 1992, the trio made up of friends Mark Hockings (vox), Richard Silverthorn (keys) and Neil Taylor (keys) quickly became one of the most respected bands in the synthpop scene. Ask most in the underground scene and they’ll quickly tell you their favourite single is most likely the epic single Trust You. To me, this song displays everything there is to love about the band. Precision production, melodic vocals, mucho danceability and ah yes! The big chorus payoff…

Check out them out now at once on their MySpace.

“Trust You”, taken from the Memento Materia release, “Fragmente”


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  1. […] “shades of classic electronica fused with a contemporary twist”. I hear shades of Mesh, a touch of Jesus Jones, the Beloved and a bunch of Infusion. This is not call Tenek copy-cats by […]

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