make way for the S-O-V!

“Think twice before i breakdance
might fall on my arse and break my arms
give my micro stand a chance
I don’t cha cha or dance with the stars
I was kicking back in ogulin
tapping my toes ‘n’ tin why you were pogaling
you never can be crumping and dryhumping
when im on stage with my music”


She’s back! Everyone’s favourite pint-sized grimester, Lady Sovereign, has come back to the fold with a new record Jigsaw due out 7 April via Midget Records. Above is the first single taken from the record entitled I Got You Dancing. It’s definitely a step up from the debut, 2006’s Public Warning, which had to be one of the most disappointing debuts in quite a while. Dancing showcases Sovereign’s adorable spunk and feistiness but there’s considerable bounce provided by the music which seems to suit her much better. 

The video is simply brilliant with its Warriors motif. If she keeps pulling off singles like these, it won’t be too long before she starts doing some serious damage on the charts.


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