this makes me feel like dancing…

“clever liar, fooling us all
never thought I’d work it out
how could I have known it was ever about you boy?
now there’s nothing to say, there’s no words
and we’re not talking anyhow
you must have known I was never to doubt you boy”

From the simply ferocious record entitled Apocalypso, we are treated to yet another magnificent single from Australia’s greatest expost since Air Supply, the Presets. This one is called If I Know You and it’s one of those songs that simply kick and scream for notice and beg to become singles. You simply can not go wrong with the sinister bass, the simple boom-bap of the drums and Julian Hamilton’s simple vocals which don’t do too much but simply glide over the track.

The video, I must say, is pretty cute. Teens dancing. The day and night belonging to the youth of Los Angeles. Order for a brief four minutes is tosssed to the side and there’s nothing left to do but dance for dancing’s sake. 

The Presets have simply done it again. They are so far ahead of the game right now, it simply is not fair.


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  1. awesome tune, love it.

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