you’re a zero…

New York’s darlings are back. Yup, The Yeahs x 3 are back with a rip-roaring new single entitled Zero. The song itself is far, very far from being a zero. It appears Karen O and the boys have gone e-lectro. Yes indeed, friends! Gone are the art-punk stylings of the debut Fever To Tell and the faux alt-country underpinnings to be found on Show Your Bones. In Zero, we have the Yeah Yeah Yeahs keeping it simple, accessible as all get-out but make sure they pack in a killer chorus to seal the deal in your brain until the release of It’s Blitz.

I’m sure there will be many of you crying in your guitar cases moaning and complaining about yet another rock band who’s caught the electro bug. To those people I simply say…deal with it. It’s 2009, for chrissakes! This is a pop single in a year that while short has already shown such promise. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back and if Zero is any indication, then it’s going to be a big year for the triple Y’s.

“Zero”, taken from the forthcoming Interscope release, “It’s Blitz”

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