just another stroll in the park…

“My words are just hunches
I’m not sure what they mean
You’re asking for commitment
When I’m somewhere in between”

It stands to reason that I’m of the belief that Maximo Park is simply one of the best newer bands to come out of the UK in recent memory. Two records thus far. Both of them featuring incredibly clever, accessible pop songs that feature everything we come to expect from English pop songwriters. Paul Smith’s take on life and love reminds very strongly of the writings of the likes of Morrissey, Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy and Jarvis Cocker from Pulp. Now I know what you’re thinking. Err..Billy, that’s some pretty strong company you’re putting him alongside. Yes, it is and it fits. To further prove my point, it’s a pleasure to learn that the new Maximo Park record, Quicken The Heart, is complete and will be released in May according to Paul’s blog post on the MP site.


As you can tell, this news has yours truly very excited. More news to come as it comes in or you can simply follow them on Twitter. Tell them Billy sent you. Actually on second thought, don’t. It might violate the order of restraint they have against me…



  1. I believe the words you were going to quote are actually “My words are just hunches” 😉

  2. Nice review,however I have to correct you on the lyrics to Our Velocity.
    The first line should be “My words are just hunches”.

    • Nice catch! Thank you! 🙂


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