quicken the heart indeed…

It won’t be too much longer, friends. The imminent release of what hopes to be another solid record by Maximo Park is news that warms the cockles of my heart. I’ve loved this band since the first time I heard their debut single Apply Some Pressure back in 2005. Their blend of angular guitars, incredibly literate yet highly accesible lyrics and some of the best choruses around has kept this quintet in good stead. Naturally this means they will be forever be relegated to cult status in the US while selling out stadiums since we Yanks have no clue about irony, wit and a clever phrase. Quel dommage!

In a previous post, I informed you all about the new record Quicken The Heart due for a May release in the UK via Warp. I’m excited to present the first fruits of their labour below. A new track entitled Wraithlike which offers a bit of a change-of-pace for the band. More direct. A bit direct. A bit rockier. Paul’s voice buried in the mix just trying to survive amidst the cacophony.  To be honest with you, the first thought that came to mind was that Wraithlike would sound quite comfortable on a Franz Ferdinand record! Needless to say, I love it already and the new recprd is sure to be another great one. Now about a US release date….


“Wraithlike”, taken from the forthcoming Warp release, “Quicken The Heart”



  1. […] made available through the band’s website after you checked it out through my stream here. A tease to be sure but it leaves me eagerly, make that feverishly awaiting the release of the new […]

  2. […] out in the US on Warp this coming Tuesday and if the first two tracks The Kids Are Sick Again and Wraithlike are a good indication than this third installment of the adventures of Maximo Park should prove to […]

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