an ode to ladyhawke…

I’ve got a crush.  Actually it’s fair to say I’ve got quite a few. I mean there’s Lily Allen and her ultra-cute rambunctiousness but she’s too big time now and she’s still Keith Allen’s daughter. There’s Karen O but supposedly she’s in Silverlake these days and that’s just way too plastic a scene for me and I fear it may have corrupted her. Here’s hoping I’m wrong on that score. This now leaves my current flame, Philippa “Pip” Brown aka Ladyhawke. If you don’t know who Ladyhawke is then you should be ashamed for she recently released a quite delectable debut record a few months back via Modular aka the best label on the planet. Her self-titled debut was also featured as one of my best records of 2008

Why do I like Ladyhawke so much, you ask? Well, I will tell you. What’s not to like? From her shameless fangirl-ish enthusiasm for all things Stevie Nicks to the fact she has no qualms whatsoever about letting us see how much of a geek she is. I mean, look at her album cover below. She’s playing video games with her oh-so-cute cat by her side whilst in her pajamas. I ask you again. What is there not to love about that?

Of course, I could just be rambling and spitballing here but yes, I want a date with Ladyhawke. Is that too much to ask for? I really don’t think so. We’ll go on for hours talking about whether or not it was truly was after watching the video for Stand Back for the first time that the thought of becoming a pop star actually dawned on her. I’ll talk about my purely healthy and innocent Smiths obsession and we can totally geek out on video games. Think she’ll be up for it?


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  1. Cool site 🙂

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