there’s no place like home…

“The light still in our eyes
We’re leaving this old fairground behind
It’s a dream that’s growing cold
The circus never dies
The act forever haunts these skies
I know we cannot stay”

Okay, America. This coming Tuesday. St. Patrick’s Day. March 17th. To Lose My Life, the impeccable debut record by White Lies makes its way to our shores where it will hopefully sell millions of copies. In a just world, someone would take Bono and his merry men and ship them off back to Dublin placing them under house arrest for their remaining days while White Lies remind us that vital music actually does exist in 2009. 

With that said,  the new promo video for the fourth single Farewell To The Faiground above just adds to the cult legend of this band. Gritty, dark, and comtemplative, just like their music as we’re led down a path of lament about change and what the change has wrought and may yet still bring. Have I mentioned how much I truly love this band?

Be prepared, friends. The final verdict of the record is coming before the weekend is through!

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  1. Yes! I’m glad that there is someone state-side who is also into White Lies. They are the best thing to hit state-side since Franz Ferdinand! I’m looking forward to their show here in Philly on 3/25. Gonna be a great show – I can feel it!

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