truer words have never been spoken…

“No you girls never know 

Oh no, you girls’ll never know
No you girls never know
How you make a boy feel”

So simple and so plain. Let Alex Kapranos tell the entire female population exactly what the effect they have on men are. The promo film for the second single taken from Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is here and it’s for No You Girls and it’s also featured on an iPod commercial which these days it seems is better than landing on a top 40 playlist. The video continues on from what seems to be a growing trend these days which is keeping the video simple and back to basics, if you will. Call it the economy, the shrinking promo budgets allowed by the labels or just a changing of the tide but promos come with a lot less frills than they had during the last decade and I, for one, am heavily in favour of it. 

What better way to drive the point home about the song than to feature a whole lot of girls on the set prancing in tight bodysuits while the band play on looking as cool as possible under the circumstances. The song itself as mentioned in the track by track review is Franz at their best: dirty, sexy and danceable. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s kept them in good stead thus far so why change?


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