quicken the pace, quicken the heart…



I hope you all had a chance to get your free download of the new Maximo Park track Wraithlike made available through the band’s website after you checked it out through my stream here. A tease to be sure but it leaves me eagerly, make that feverishly awaiting the release of the new record. It appears we won’t have to wait too long as Warp Records will be releasing Quicken The Heart on 5 May.  Wraithlike is a very cool song but the lead single The Kids Are Sick Again is more like it. I’m hearing a lot of Pulp in this track even more so than before. The boys are growing but haven’t left their songwriting prowess behind and gone all Kaiser Chiefs on us. If I haven’t professed my love for this band enough to you all, let it be said here. Maximo Park are simply too good for words and the US mainstream audience that continues to be unaware of their presence.

Anyways, here’s the tracklisting…

‘The Penultimate Clinch’
‘The Kids Are Sick Again’
‘A Cloud Of Mystery’
‘In Another World (You Would’ve Found Yourself By Now)’
‘Let’s Get Clinical’
‘Roller Disco Dreams’
‘Questing, Not Coasting’
‘Overland, West Of Suez’
‘I Haven’t Seen Her In Ages’


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