a song after my own heart…

It warms the deepest recesses of my tummy to let you in a little secret. Kasabian is back! Our favourite Primal Scream devotees have returned from hibernation to knock our heads back with some baggy-influenced electro-rock. Full disclosure: I was/am a huge of the self-titled debut but was a tad disappointed with the follow-up in Empire. I mean when you think about it, it’s a tall order to be able to top stunning singles like Clubfoot, Reason Is Treason or Cutt Off. Previous transgressions aside, Kasabian are back with a new single that should catapult them back into our good graces. 

The new single is called Vlad The Impaler taken from their forthcoming third record called The West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Any questions about the album title should begin to be answered after a couple of viewings of the video for Impaler in all its B-movie glory and brilliance! Personally I love the video and it’s cheesy charm but naturally it’s the song itself that seals the deal with its mind-numbing buildup in the verse taking you for a ride until you reach the…wait for it…the big chorus payoff where we are implored to get loose, get loose! Sounds like a winner to me. What say you?