from a strange house to seeing colours…


I think it’s safe to say that the Horrors are a band that you either love or you hate with no middle ground. Their brand of punk titled towards the macabre can either be seen as novel, fun and maybe a wee bit dangerous while some may find the band’s work to rest a bit on the side of the contrived and derivative. Which side is the correct one? Beats me, but I do know that a) I like the band a lot and b) the new record Primary Colours is going to surprise many people on both sides of the debate. Case in point? Play the video for the new single Sea Within A Sea above again and I defy you to tell me it sounds anything remotely close to what you heard on the debut Strange House. There’s no Sheena Is A Parasite or Count In Fives to be found here. If anything, the band appears to have turned their sound sideways and realised that horror-punk does indeed have a shelflife and at some point, they’re going to have to get serious if they want to make it to album three with a pretty sweet indie deal intact.  Gone is the Cramps influence and say hello to Can and Neu!

Sea Within A Sea is one of those tunes that you crank up and let the groove do the rest. A dark lit room would be the optimal setting with perhaps a blacklight if you prefer. Either way this is one where you simply let your hair down and glide for eight minutes. Quite a difference from the frenetic and spastic pace we’ve heard before. The verdict? Let me hear it.

The record is out 5 May via XL Recordings.