may i present the return of the pogo…

Who here enjoys doing the pogo? Raise your hands. It’s okay. No need to be afraid. It’s fun and easy and it’s more than acceptable to do when it’s quite obvious that you have two left feet and have no clue about rhythm. Jumping up and down is the perfect alternative to sitting on the sidelines or hiding in the dark corner of the club especially when it comes to a song as fun and bouncy as the new single from Freeland called Under Control. Freeland is the band led by esteemed dance DJ/producer Adam Freeland who’s been one of the vanguards of all things head-nodding and booty-bouncing for over a decade. His Coastal Breaks mixes still get heavy play here in Suede-land but it appears Mr. Freeland has eased up on the Ibiza tourism soundtracks and has upgraded his soundsystem with some LCD love. Under Control is a party anthem. Nothing more, nothing less. Turn it up and tune out. Do the pogo preferable with a friend and have a ball. In fact, I’m doing the pogo right now! Check it out and get at me with some comments!


“Under Control”, taken from the forthcoming Marine Parade release, “Cope”