the colour red…

29 June in the UK via Polydor. The debut record from La Rouz will see the light of day. No word yet on the US date but i’m sure that will come in a matter of time. I think it stands to reason that I am very excited about this news and you should be too! Another in a long line of quality material 2009 has rushed in continues with La Roux’s barnstorming of the landscape. Sad to say I missed their show last week at Studio B to my eternal dismay! I hope to make up for that misdeed when they come back. In the meantime, I suppose I’ll have to settle for waxing poetic about the tunes on record for now…

Here’s the tracklisting:

‘In For The Kill’
‘Colourless Colour’
‘I’m Not Your Toy’
‘Cover My Eyes’
‘As If By Magic’
‘Reflections Are Protections’
‘Armour Love’
‘Growing Pains’ (UK Bonus Track)

i simply love this band…

“The comforting ache 

Of the summer holidays 
Pointless days pining 
Afternoons whining 
The suburbs scream 
At passers by 
The scream of escape 
A new siren”

And there you have it, friends. The brand new video for The Kids Are Sick Again by the devastatingly amazing Maximo Park. Pretty standard fare. The band looing snazzy playing their instruments fronted by an animated as always Paul Smith attacking the microphone. All that is simply window dressing for the song itself which is simply majestic. Alienation, frustration and some good old-fashioned northern angst. Let it be said. No one does it better than the Park these days. Bless their hearts.