the enemy, for the people…


“The morning after the revolution

PC 1525 tells me there’s no real solution.
Bruised ribs and a ripped up jacket, money all in the road.
Some man with a big fat mouth screaming while I’m on my way home!”


Psst! Hey you! C’mere! Have you heard? The Jam reformed!  Yeah. That Jam. Paul Weller. Bruce Foxton. Rick Buckler. The thing is they look a lot younger and they come from Coventry instead of Woking but the fire and brimstone is present in full abundance. The angst is there. The incisive lyrical content and anger at the state of an England that’s turned on its back on an increasingly agitated youth contingent. In all seriousness, I think Paul Weller would be awfully proud when he turns on BBC Radio One and hears the new single by the Enemy. Fresh off the blistering debut record We’ll Live And Die In These Towns, the trio return with their sophomore release Music For The People just released in the UK yesterday.  The debut was a personal favourite of mine when it was released in 2007 as it simply hit me like a ton of bricks over my head. It really was a breath of fresh air with songs Away From Here and the title track to name a couple.

Above we’ve got the leadoff single No Time For Tears displaying a louder, rawer and more abrasive sound than before showing a bit of growth and a growing swagger for a band that wasn’t lacking in the latter if you read the press clippings from the NME. Here’s hoping the record storms the charts and finds its way Stateside a lot sooner than it took for the debut to.


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