the hits just keep on coming…

Ever since we met we’ve never been too clear

All our insecurities turn up in all our fears

And how we’ve tried to make our problems disappear

Never searchin’ hard enough to find only more tears”


How much do I love Frankmusik? Words simply can’t describe… His debut record Complete Me  due out in June is going to be a electro -pop massacre. We’ve spoiled to this point with simple deviant singles such as Three Little Words & In Step and now we’ve got Better Off As Two. What I tend to appreciate about Vincent Frank is he definitely appears to understand the importance of presentation. The promotional films are just as fun, innovative and spectacular as the songs themselves and the video for BOAT is no different. In a year where we’ve already been treated to some classic singles, It’s hard to say that anyone has gotten off to the right foot moreso than Frankmusik…


the tiny terror and his merry men have returned…

“No one cares when you’re out on the street

Picking up the pieces to make ends meet
No one cares when you’re down in the gutter
Got no friends got no lover”


Placebo. Nuff said. One of the most consistently excellent bands the UK has produced the last fifteen years are at it again. I’m sure you guys checked out the free download of the title track taken from the new record Battle For The Sun due out in the UK 8 June via PIAS and loved it.  I now am proud to present the new single For What It’s Worth and what a joy it is to behold. A very accessible and concise ditty that clocks in under three minutes, FWIW is a song that begs to shoot up the charts with a bullet and appears to be a return to the band’s glam roots that they had sort of left behind in recent years. Personally this one get two thumbs up from me. Any comments from the peanut gallery? Have at it!

identity theft?


“That party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it

I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked
Drink my beer and smoke my weed but my good friends is all I need
Pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat then do it again
Man, I love college”


So…when Eminem woke up one fine morning and turns on the tube, I wonder what his reaction was when he saw Asher Roth completely aping his rhyme style and The Slim Shady LP-era irreverence. Did he give himself a facepalm? Did he place a call to Jimmy Iovine or Dr. Dre firing off a slew of expletives with the words “copyright infringement” buried somewhere in the maelstrom of frustration? It’s these things that make you go….hmmm. What sucks for Em is pretty funny for the rest of us. I really tried to resist featuring  Asher as I figured everyone else would so what would be the point but it must be said that the song is pretty hilarious and for those of us who went away to school, you can chuckle to yourself as you think back to some fond or maybe not so fond memories of dorm life. 

I mean, you have to give a guy credit who’s able to namedrop Allen Iverson and Hakeem Olajuwon while boasting about his beer-pong proficiency.  His debut record Asleep In The Bread Aisle is out now and I’m sure it will sell among the multitudes of mallrats, thug-lites, and Eminem wannabes who finally realised they’re just not hard enough and will settle for the next best thing but right now I admit it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure. So enjoy this temporary lapse in judgment while it lasts, kids.

By the way, how funny is it that Amazon has Asher Roth and Eminem together as a bundle option? These things make me chuckle.

the enemy, for the people…


“The morning after the revolution

PC 1525 tells me there’s no real solution.
Bruised ribs and a ripped up jacket, money all in the road.
Some man with a big fat mouth screaming while I’m on my way home!”


Psst! Hey you! C’mere! Have you heard? The Jam reformed!  Yeah. That Jam. Paul Weller. Bruce Foxton. Rick Buckler. The thing is they look a lot younger and they come from Coventry instead of Woking but the fire and brimstone is present in full abundance. The angst is there. The incisive lyrical content and anger at the state of an England that’s turned on its back on an increasingly agitated youth contingent. In all seriousness, I think Paul Weller would be awfully proud when he turns on BBC Radio One and hears the new single by the Enemy. Fresh off the blistering debut record We’ll Live And Die In These Towns, the trio return with their sophomore release Music For The People just released in the UK yesterday.  The debut was a personal favourite of mine when it was released in 2007 as it simply hit me like a ton of bricks over my head. It really was a breath of fresh air with songs Away From Here and the title track to name a couple.

Above we’ve got the leadoff single No Time For Tears displaying a louder, rawer and more abrasive sound than before showing a bit of growth and a growing swagger for a band that wasn’t lacking in the latter if you read the press clippings from the NME. Here’s hoping the record storms the charts and finds its way Stateside a lot sooner than it took for the debut to.

the gods of electro face off!



Here we go! Two of the heavyweights have their new albums drop Stateside! You’ve got the Pet Shop Boys on one corner and in the other…Depeche Mode! Who will outsell who? Will we hear more references of West End Girls than Personal Jesus? Will Chris Lowe ever take those sunglasses off ever again? These questions and possibly a bunch more may be answered when the stores and the throngs er…lines of synth-nerds, electro-freaks, new wave casualties and the like make their way to their local Walmart, Best Buy…or who am I kidding, log on to Amazon or I-Tunes to purchase their copies. 

Pssst…I cheated. I pre-ordered both via Amazon! I’m very disheartened that I wasn’t able to snag a copy of the Mode prior to the release thus no review. I guess I can always do one once I give it a couple of listens, no?

that’s hot…

I’m noticing a trend. Two straight Philly artists… There must be something wrong here being that I am a proud New York sports fan, it’s pretty much not allowed that I acknowledge anything out of the Illadelph. I guess today’s a good day for rule-breaking especially since thanks to the fine people at Urb, word comes that finally the first fruits of Lady Guttermouth herself, Amanda Blank, is finally upon us. If you haven’t gotten of her collabs with Spank Rock and Pase Rock then get ready. The first single Might Like You Better is making the rounds and I must say it’s pretty fun. Produced by XXXchange and chock full of sexual innuendos to make Jenna Jameson blush, this one should be a big hit to keep you all hot and bothered until the debut record I Love You finally hits 19 July via Downtown. So what do we think, heads? Kiss it or diss it? Check it out below…


“Might Like You Better”, taken from the forthcoming Downtown release, “I Love You”

don’t sleep…


“sit back, relax, recover

a fine time for me to mention you

get down, regret and wonder

who really ever tells the truth”

Okay friends. Have you gone out and picked up the Innerpartysystem record? If not, why not? Have I ever steered you wrong? I realise they’re not from New York but hey Philly can rock the bells too! This is the brand new video taken from their self-titled debut and it’s called Heart Of Fire. Another winner in my book although not quite as immediate as Don’t Stop, it’s definitely single-worthy. Play it lour, play it proud and then go cop the record. Ya heard?!