blur’s midlife crisis…


One of the greatest British bands ever. Bar none. Without question. One word. Blur. I could go list the top songs the quartet bestowed upon us over the years. She’s So High, For Tomorrow, Popscene, Girls & Boys, This Is A Low, Stereotypes, Entertain Me, Death Of A Party, No Distance Left To Run, etc… Like I said, I could go on and on… Thankfully, the prodigal guitar hero, Graham Coxon came to his senses and returned to the fold allowing Blur to come back perhaps better than ever. They’ll be playing the major festivals this year with rumours of some US dates coming down the pipeline. That…would make for a happy Billy indeed! Naturally when you put together a band that’s been away from the world for a spell with a vast catalogue that’s ripe for the picking along with the prospects of performing for huge audiences for a tour…we get a brand new compilation! Midlife: a Beginner’s Guide To Blur is due for release in the UK on the 15th of June and culls together singles, album cuts and tracks that previously could only be found on limited editions (Popscene!) or soundtracks (Sing). Is it an obvious cash grab by EMI? Obviously. Is it a good idea? Yes, especially since it’s not an ordinary comp. It will serve as a wonderful primer for those not in the know or those silly Americans who think Song 2 is actually any good. Silly wabbits!


Here’s the tracklisting: “Popscene!!!!!”

‘Girls & Boys’
‘For Tomorrow’
‘Coffee & TV’
‘Out Of Time’
‘Blue Jeans’
‘Song 2’
‘He Thought Of Cars’
‘Death Of A Party’
‘The Universal’
‘This Is A Low’

‘She’s So High’
‘Chemical World’
‘Good Song’
‘Trimm Trabb’
‘Strange News From Another Star’
Battery In Your Leg’

paul banks: i am julian plenti…


Oh Interpol…how much do I love thee? Words simply can’t properly describe.  The indie rock world was turned on its ear when the epic 2002 debut Turn On The Bright Lights came to the fore. In my not so humble opinion, that record set the stage for the return of dark, atmopsheric post-punk and set my heart alight. Two records and a major label deal with Capitol later, we find singer/lyricist/Helena Christensen boy toy Paul Banks putting his down time to use and recording a set of songs that will make up his solo debut Skyscraper to be released in August via Matador under the guise of Julian Plenti. Don’t ask. I don’t quite get it either. What I do get is how good the leadoff single Fun That We Have is. Right from the jump, we hear Paul’s familiar and somewhat comforting vocals and simple guitar strumming that suddenly give way to bubbly synths and drums bathed in reverb. This is definitely not an Interpol song. It’s almost, dare I say it…happy? 

At any rate, it’s a solid beginning for Paul, errr Julian and it definitely has my curiosity fully piqued for Skyscraper. Here is is below and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! 

“Fun That We Have”, taken from the forthcoming Matador release, “Skyscraper”

the mystic underground live it up…

Yes friends. Another shoutout to another NYC band. The Mystic Underground and their scintillating brand of electronic pop are performing this evening,the 19th of May, at Lit Lounge. It’s strongly advised if you indeed live in the metropolitan New York area that you attend this show. The band will perform songs from their recently released record It Really Shouldn’t Be This Hard. Lit Lounge is located on 93 Second Avenue between 5th & 6th Streets with the show beginning at 10.30pm. Dancing is most certainly encouraged apparently!

“Nobles Of The Concrete”, taken from the Stereosonic release, “It Really Shouldn’t Be This Hard”

so filthy it hurts…


Did you break your neck bopping your head to Tupac Robot Club Rock? Feel you simply had to take a shower after indulging in the sizzling electro-sleaze that was This Rhythm? Or maybe find yourself close to aural climax dancing to Messages? Congratulations. The Filthy Dukes have made their way into your consciousness, your feet and very soon your cd/mp3 collection. Yet another in a long line of brilliant electronic bands coming out of the UK, the Dukes have been making noise for quite a while on the blogosphere. I resisted posting because I figured everyone else had already blogged them to death so why should I? Luckily I had a change of heart after giving it some thought and realising that these guys need more press so what’s one more blog singing their praises, right? 

If you haven’t hear their remix of To Lose My Life by White Lies then do it up now because it is simply mega. Their debut record Nonsense In The Dark is available now in the UK via Polydor and trust me when I say it is worth hunting down. This is perfect music for a night where you plan on not remembering a thing the following morning. Ladies and gentlemen, the Filthy Dukes…

the boys have done it again…

“You don’t have to be in Who’s Who to know what’s what
You don’t have to be a high flier to catch your slot
The night we met was cold and wet
I needed a drink or two
I saw you standing there and I knew
I’d like to be loved by you”

As we move on to single number two from Yes, we find it to be one of the more obvious choices to be a single: the gorgeous and incredibly poptastic Did You See Me Coming. Easily one of my favourites from what is quickly becoming one of my favourite all time PSB records. The video, to be quite honest, is really nothing to write home about as we find our heroes performing close together in front of a series of scrollingblack and white images. Nothing truly spectacular here. Spike Jonze, Hype Williams or Michel Gondry must have been busy so it’s plain to see the video is all about the song itself as well it should. The funny thing is the concept for the video seems very familiar to me. In fact, it’s very reminiscent of a video the PSB have done before…like from Fundamental

Am I right? Am I wrong? Am I just dreaming?

the chariot makes a stop at arlene’s grocery…

Tonight dear friends, Electric Chariot is performing at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC. 95 Stanton Street in the Lower East Side to be exact. If you are in the area, please do make it a point to see them. They deserve your attention. An album is on the horizon but first they will take some time out to showcase what they’ve been up to recently. The show begins at 8 and I will most definitely be there. I hope to see you there as well!

 “Nothing Matters” by Electric Chariot

these guys made me just have to post…

Always a pleasure to look in the inbox to find some submissions on the blog and even more so from awesome artists like Heads We Dance. Haven’t heard of them? Well…you should. Another in the long line of solid UK bands ready to break out in the ’09, this electro-rock trio was so kind to allow me to post the b-side to their new single When The Sirens Sound which will be featured on their upcoming debut record Love Technology due out on the 1st of June. The track is called Work It Out and is a brilliantly produced piece of work and as a special treat includes some backup vocals supplied by another ab fab new artist whose eagerly awaited record drops in June. Here’s a hint: Her name rhymes with “Brittle Roots”. 

 “Work It Out”, taken from the forthcoming release, “Love Technology”

Enjoy what you heard? Don’t sleep! Pre-release Love Technology now!