so filthy it hurts…


Did you break your neck bopping your head to Tupac Robot Club Rock? Feel you simply had to take a shower after indulging in the sizzling electro-sleaze that was This Rhythm? Or maybe find yourself close to aural climax dancing to Messages? Congratulations. The Filthy Dukes have made their way into your consciousness, your feet and very soon your cd/mp3 collection. Yet another in a long line of brilliant electronic bands coming out of the UK, the Dukes have been making noise for quite a while on the blogosphere. I resisted posting because I figured everyone else had already blogged them to death so why should I? Luckily I had a change of heart after giving it some thought and realising that these guys need more press so what’s one more blog singing their praises, right? 

If you haven’t hear their remix of To Lose My Life by White Lies then do it up now because it is simply mega. Their debut record Nonsense In The Dark is available now in the UK via Polydor and trust me when I say it is worth hunting down. This is perfect music for a night where you plan on not remembering a thing the following morning. Ladies and gentlemen, the Filthy Dukes…


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  1. Good stuff! As always, thanks for making us aware, Billy!

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