blur’s midlife crisis…


One of the greatest British bands ever. Bar none. Without question. One word. Blur. I could go list the top songs the quartet bestowed upon us over the years. She’s So High, For Tomorrow, Popscene, Girls & Boys, This Is A Low, Stereotypes, Entertain Me, Death Of A Party, No Distance Left To Run, etc… Like I said, I could go on and on… Thankfully, the prodigal guitar hero, Graham Coxon came to his senses and returned to the fold allowing Blur to come back perhaps better than ever. They’ll be playing the major festivals this year with rumours of some US dates coming down the pipeline. That…would make for a happy Billy indeed! Naturally when you put together a band that’s been away from the world for a spell with a vast catalogue that’s ripe for the picking along with the prospects of performing for huge audiences for a tour…we get a brand new compilation! Midlife: a Beginner’s Guide To Blur is due for release in the UK on the 15th of June and culls together singles, album cuts and tracks that previously could only be found on limited editions (Popscene!) or soundtracks (Sing). Is it an obvious cash grab by EMI? Obviously. Is it a good idea? Yes, especially since it’s not an ordinary comp. It will serve as a wonderful primer for those not in the know or those silly Americans who think Song 2 is actually any good. Silly wabbits!


Here’s the tracklisting: “Popscene!!!!!”

‘Girls & Boys’
‘For Tomorrow’
‘Coffee & TV’
‘Out Of Time’
‘Blue Jeans’
‘Song 2’
‘He Thought Of Cars’
‘Death Of A Party’
‘The Universal’
‘This Is A Low’

‘She’s So High’
‘Chemical World’
‘Good Song’
‘Trimm Trabb’
‘Strange News From Another Star’
Battery In Your Leg’



  1. It’s 1997 and I’m driving to a friends house listening to a live broadcast of San Francisco’s “alternative” station’s summer concert when Blur, who I had followed since “There’s No Other Way”, drop “Song 2” at the end of their set. You can hear the crowd go nuts as it starts up and that’s when it sunk in: this was going to be what they were remembered for in the US. I love this country!

    • did you know that song 2, is both dave and graham playing drums….listen carefully, they set up 2 kits and had a face off.

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