paul banks: i am julian plenti…


Oh Interpol…how much do I love thee? Words simply can’t properly describe.  The indie rock world was turned on its ear when the epic 2002 debut Turn On The Bright Lights came to the fore. In my not so humble opinion, that record set the stage for the return of dark, atmopsheric post-punk and set my heart alight. Two records and a major label deal with Capitol later, we find singer/lyricist/Helena Christensen boy toy Paul Banks putting his down time to use and recording a set of songs that will make up his solo debut Skyscraper to be released in August via Matador under the guise of Julian Plenti. Don’t ask. I don’t quite get it either. What I do get is how good the leadoff single Fun That We Have is. Right from the jump, we hear Paul’s familiar and somewhat comforting vocals and simple guitar strumming that suddenly give way to bubbly synths and drums bathed in reverb. This is definitely not an Interpol song. It’s almost, dare I say it…happy? 

At any rate, it’s a solid beginning for Paul, errr Julian and it definitely has my curiosity fully piqued for Skyscraper. Here is is below and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! 

“Fun That We Have”, taken from the forthcoming Matador release, “Skyscraper”


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