oh….the audacity…of huge!

“I got that crank trippin’ baby shoe
I got that grape kool-aid filled swimming pool
I got those Roomba robots that clean the floor
I got that mother of pearl oyster fork for sure
I got that Tammy Faye milk money butterscotch
I got that Mama Cass you know I got that Peter Tosh”

It wasn’t that long ago when I first discussed our dance heroes, Simian Mobile Disco, when news first broke out of their long awaited return to the fold after a stunning debut record. Well, the time has come and the official first single has arrived and it couldn’t disappoint even if it tried. Presenting Audacity Of Huge taken from the duo’s second record entitled Temporary Pleasure due out Stateside on the 17th of August via Interscope.

Audacity features vocals by Chris Keating of Yeasayer and lyrically is a mish-mosh of pop culture references to sing along to. That said, leet’s be honest, Keating could be singing about contracting swine flu and it wouldn’t matter because the bounciness of the song itself is enough to ensure its repeat value ranging between “often” and “constant”.  I don’t think it’s enough to simply say that I love this band and I love this track. I must also say that it’s a testament to Messers Shaw and Ford that they’ve been able to what only the best of the best techno bands have been able to do:  ensuring pop sensibilty rests on an even plane with the danceability. From groups like Underworld,  the Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers, it’s safe to say that SMD is about to enter that pantheon and dance music is all the better for it.

“Audacity Of Huge”, taken from the forthcoming Interscope release, “Temporary Pleasure”

all hail the ruling class!

The Ruling Class

Oh it’s so tempting… So very tempting. It’s always exciting to jump into hyperbole when describing a band who is simply teeming with potential. Like a shot from a cannon, a comet that passes by in the blink of an eye or any cliche that seems appropos, a brand new band’s first stab in the dark always brings such promise. Suede-heads, I bring you The Ruling Class! This UK quintet is on to something here and I want you guys to hear what I hear!

Bringing back the sound of Madchester and invoking the spirit and fervour of the seminal legends in the Stone Roses, The Ruling Class strike with the confidence and bombast of bands much older.  The band makes their debut on this site with their second offering to the world comes in the form of a double A-side single (these are still around…?) entitled Sleeping Beauty/Marian Shrine.  Led by vocalist Jonathan Sutcliffe who one could hardly be faulted for hearing a resemblance to the great British warbler in Ian Brown, the Ruling Class have arrived to let the world know while the 80s are cool and all, the early 1990s Britpop era is right around the corner and have no shame in kicking the doors down and inviting themselves in. Enjoy them and keep your eyes on this band and better yet, add them on MySpace.

“Marian Shrine”, taken from the Loog release, “Marian Shrine/Sleeping Beauty”

“Sleeping Beauty”, taken from the Loog release, “Marian Shrine/Sleeping Beauty”

who doesn’t love friendly fires?

“Rub that line out of the sky
I can feel the night crawl
A broken drum and tambourine
Rub that line out of the sky
I can see the clouds form
Taking shape in front of me”

I’m going to take a wild stab in assuming that if you’re reading this blog, you’re already well aware of the Friendly Fires.  Last year’s self-titled record was definitely brimming with tons of promise. A simply ferocious blend of new wave, dance, and punk-funk, Friendly Fires burst into the blogosphere with songs like Paris, Jump In The Pool, & On Board. Theirs is a sound that exhibits an enormous amount of sophistication and intensity that puts many other bands that the blogs and the NME were waxing poetic about to a miserable shame.

Fresh off their co-headlining tour with the almighty White Lies, the trio have returned with a stunning new single, Kiss Of Life. Simply put, the Fires, in this track,  took the script from the first record, flipped it and went back to basics. What kicks this track into gear is the drums. A pleasant surprise is it appears that African tribal rhythms were an influence here and used to some great effect turning the song into something more than your average head-bopper. Throw in Ed McFarlane’s vocals (some of the best you’ll hear anywhere) and you’ve got yourself a hit for a band that’s truly in the ascendant.

“Kiss Of Life” from Friendly Fires (XL Recordings)

procon – turn it up, up, up, up, up!

The party doesn’t stop with our friends from the Great White North. It’s the long awaited second single and promotional film for Toronto’s Procon! This one is called Lunar Hammer and after witnessing the video, one can draw their own conclusions as to what a lunar hammer is. I know I couldn’t figure it to spare my life but then I’m pretty slow on the uptake so that would explain it.

The song is taken from the recently released Kingmaker (Ginchopolis) and really drives home what the band is about. Hard-charging chug-chugging guitars, some synths, a lot of sass and a messload of fist-punping is the order of the day here. The video itself is hilarious and well worth the price of admission which is nothing more than your time and endless devotion. They’ve long had me hooked and I think they can do the same for you. So have at it and check out their MySpace.

the electric chariot of fire makes a stop tonight…


Yes. Time for another plug! NYC Suede-heads! If you’re loitering around the Bowery and are in the mood for some quality electronic rock, go to the Mansion. A band near and dear to my heart, Electric Chariot will be performing at 11pm tonight at Crash Mansion, located at 199 Bowery. It’s a show not to be missed and promises to display of NYC’s up and coming bands. Do it!

burn the negative…

Hailing from the English Northwest, I’d like you to meet Burn The Negative. A promising electro-rock band that has been making waves in their native UK and I believe it’s only a matter of time before the word gets out amongst the hipster cogniscenti here. The Guardian describes the band as being “as consistently entertaining as anything the Killers have done”. You all know how I feel about the Fillers so being better than those pretenders isn’t exactly the toughest thing in the world to accomplish.

Above is the video for the band’s debut single entitled I Wonder Why. This track is all about the bass line which makes it perfect for the dance floor at your nearest indie dance club.  A simple groove to get you through with a plaintive vocal by singer Mark Baker and you’ve got yourself an underrated single. The debut record In The Atmosphere was released by Gung Ho Recordings and some of the album tracks can be heard on the band’s MySpace.

she wants animal attraction…

I hate lazy journalists. By “journalists”, I include critics, fellow bloggers, reviewers and the like. I say I hate them because of the process used to critique music nowadays.  Very often instead of taking the time out to properly research a band and listen to what they are trying to express and the manner in which their message is being conveyed, the reviewer/critic/blogger often slices and dices a band and files them into a “sounds like” box. You know…Interpol being a blatant Joy Division ripoff, Bloc Party’s Wire fetish circa Silent Alarm etc… It’s maddening to say the least and oftentimes takes the fun out of enjoying music.

One such band that gets criticised unfairly is LA’s She Wants Revenge. Quite possibly the smartest, dirtiest band going. By now, I’m sure the comparisons are familiar to you. An unabashed rehash of Joy Division and Depeche Mode. Yadda yadda yadda. I swear.. I have to ask if these people actually listen to the music. Let’s break it down. The Joy Division peg comes from Justin’s baritone vocals which sound nothing resembling the late, great Ian Curtis tortured wails while the Depeche Mode comparison is the biggest example of laziness. Usually most indie rock reviewers when it comes to anything electronic pop related know only of Depeche Mode so you’re left with a one-size fits all scenario. Any band that uses synths immediately gets a “RIYL Depeche Mode” advisory note attached.

The purpose of the rant above is simply a primer for me to let you know about the brilliant new track they’ve got out called Animal Attraction which maybe, just maybe will appear on an upcoming EP. If you’re a fan of the band (and I am), you will fall over yourself.  This track would fit right in at your local goth night if they still exist in your town. So dark, so filthy, so immediate which is pretty much SWR’s stock in trade. Give it a spin while giving two fingers to your least favourite music critic!

“Animal Attraction” by She Wants Revenge