james leon’s purple heart…

“Shades of violet

held inside

dreams of colour

come alive

will you trust me

take a bite

I’ll make you feel good inside”

Ever hear a song or watch a video that is so dirty you feel like you must take a shower afterwards and not in a bad way? I’d like to introduce James Leon and his debut single Purple Heart. James is an extermely talented artist from the UK who combines sultry dance grooves with a sense of longing and desire that not only carries the music, it devours it. The point is made here with Purple Heart. It’s not necessarily what he says that turns the song from a simple groove on a stick into a frenzy of anticipation, it’s the manner in which he sings that drives it home.

The video offers the visual accompaniment where we find our hero dancing and gliding through a club pleasding to us, the viewers for help in finding a home for his purple heart. I give James a thumbs up and I think you should too. Feel free to check out his MySpace.

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  1. It’s rather glorious isn’t it – sort of washes over you and leaves you wanting more. His song Club With No Name is also amazing.

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