she wants animal attraction…

I hate lazy journalists. By “journalists”, I include critics, fellow bloggers, reviewers and the like. I say I hate them because of the process used to critique music nowadays.  Very often instead of taking the time out to properly research a band and listen to what they are trying to express and the manner in which their message is being conveyed, the reviewer/critic/blogger often slices and dices a band and files them into a “sounds like” box. You know…Interpol being a blatant Joy Division ripoff, Bloc Party’s Wire fetish circa Silent Alarm etc… It’s maddening to say the least and oftentimes takes the fun out of enjoying music.

One such band that gets criticised unfairly is LA’s She Wants Revenge. Quite possibly the smartest, dirtiest band going. By now, I’m sure the comparisons are familiar to you. An unabashed rehash of Joy Division and Depeche Mode. Yadda yadda yadda. I swear.. I have to ask if these people actually listen to the music. Let’s break it down. The Joy Division peg comes from Justin’s baritone vocals which sound nothing resembling the late, great Ian Curtis tortured wails while the Depeche Mode comparison is the biggest example of laziness. Usually most indie rock reviewers when it comes to anything electronic pop related know only of Depeche Mode so you’re left with a one-size fits all scenario. Any band that uses synths immediately gets a “RIYL Depeche Mode” advisory note attached.

The purpose of the rant above is simply a primer for me to let you know about the brilliant new track they’ve got out called Animal Attraction which maybe, just maybe will appear on an upcoming EP. If you’re a fan of the band (and I am), you will fall over yourself.  This track would fit right in at your local goth night if they still exist in your town. So dark, so filthy, so immediate which is pretty much SWR’s stock in trade. Give it a spin while giving two fingers to your least favourite music critic!

“Animal Attraction” by She Wants Revenge


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  1. Someone once said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture…

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