all hail the ruling class!

The Ruling Class

Oh it’s so tempting… So very tempting. It’s always exciting to jump into hyperbole when describing a band who is simply teeming with potential. Like a shot from a cannon, a comet that passes by in the blink of an eye or any cliche that seems appropos, a brand new band’s first stab in the dark always brings such promise. Suede-heads, I bring you The Ruling Class! This UK quintet is on to something here and I want you guys to hear what I hear!

Bringing back the sound of Madchester and invoking the spirit and fervour of the seminal legends in the Stone Roses, The Ruling Class strike with the confidence and bombast of bands much older.  The band makes their debut on this site with their second offering to the world comes in the form of a double A-side single (these are still around…?) entitled Sleeping Beauty/Marian Shrine.  Led by vocalist Jonathan Sutcliffe who one could hardly be faulted for hearing a resemblance to the great British warbler in Ian Brown, the Ruling Class have arrived to let the world know while the 80s are cool and all, the early 1990s Britpop era is right around the corner and have no shame in kicking the doors down and inviting themselves in. Enjoy them and keep your eyes on this band and better yet, add them on MySpace.

“Marian Shrine”, taken from the Loog release, “Marian Shrine/Sleeping Beauty”

“Sleeping Beauty”, taken from the Loog release, “Marian Shrine/Sleeping Beauty”


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