i’ll sign up for these clinical trials…

Clinical Trials

I think it’s fair to say that I love my city and have no problems representing it when at all possible. What makes it so much easier is when there is such a treasure trove of artistry that constantly replenishes itself. One such example is a new band called Clinical Trials fronted by one Somer Bingham who, in my humble opinion, has got the goods and then some.

Very little in music excites me than a fiery vocals coming from a bad girl. Think Polly Jean Harvey, Joan Jett, etc. That sense of angst, so true, so guttural can often draw you in and make the listener feel her presence, her pain, her desires. We have that here in spades as evidenced by the two tracks Somer was gracious to send me in Polly Got Away and Disco Headphones.   Both songs show Ms. Bingham’s versatility veering from a sultry purr to a mighty wail that would make Ms. Harvey do a double-take.

So there you have it, friends. Listen to your heart’s content and remember the name. Go to their MySpace.

“Polly Got Away”, from the forthcoming release, “In The Wake Of The Digital Afterlife”

“Disco Headphones” from the release, “In The Wake Of The Digital Afterlife”


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