boys will be boys…

and this boy just happens to make some of the craziest noise around. Fresh off a blistering set this past Saturday at the Central Park Summerstage. German tech-house producer extraordinaire, Alexander Ridha aka Boys Noize has returned and brought a smashing new single along with him in the form of the recently released Jeffer/Starter EP. Needless to say, it’s pretty ferocious. If you like bleeps and blips, there’s plenty here to spare. This EP gives a great preview of what’s to come when the new record POWER drops in October.

Jeffer (featured here) is a track that shows why Boys Noise is in the upper tier of dance producers going right now. With a style similar to fellow countrywoman, Ellen Allien, and her glacial, rigid brand of Teutonic techno, Jeffer begins with a mish-mosh of starts and stops before the beat drops and hell breaks loose.  Blast thie one at maximum volume.

“Jeffer” by Boys Noise, taken from the forthcoming Boys Noise release, “POWER”


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  1. It’s Boys Noize, with the z.

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