word to the wise, she’s not your toy…

Interscope… the 29th of September? About three full months from the Polydor release in the UK, you wait to release the La Roux Stateside? Sigh… In the meantime, we now have single number four in our midst. For those of us on the pulse of what’s new and timely, here comes I’m Not Your Toy!

Not a song I would have picked to be a single but it is very good in its own right. Personally I’m still expecting Colourless Colour or Fascination to be picked next if a fifth single is selected. That is if five singles from any album was still a practice done very often these days… In any event, the story of Elly and Ben continues and what a wonderful story it is!

“I’m Not Your Toy” by La Roux, taken from the Polydor release, “La Roux”



  1. While I do like “Toy” a lot, “As If By Magic” should be a single! “Fascination” too.

  2. Waiting for good music is our lot in life in the US. It seems obvious to me that labels picking up import releases should put them out digitally as close to when they drop in the UK because waiting only distracts potential fans or forces the hardcore to buy the import. Why loose the sales?

  3. Exactly, Mr. Monk. It boggles the mind this business strategy employed by the US labels. The wait and see approach is idiotic in this day of downloading. If I want the record, I’ll find it by hook or by crook and the US label lost a sale. This is sad because it hurts the artist’s attempt at breaking the US.

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