a lesson in stealth. by radiohead.

“these are my twisted words
when i feel you still walking
i know i should not look down
but i’m so sick of just talking”

Here’s a question for you. When you’re the best band of your generation and feeling the constant nibbles at your ankles from the likes of lesser beings such as Muse or Coldplay that get ever closer to breaking skin with every bite, what do you do? What do you do when you set the recording industry on its ear (again) with In Rainbows and still the cries of “Overrated!” and “Sellouts!” begin to gnaw at every fibre of your collective being? Well, to borrow a sentiment from the Jam, one can simply say to hell with all of you and start going underground.

The sneaky little buggers that are Radiohead who appear ready to eschew the traditional route of releasing proper physical record and singles altogether have had the unfortunate circumstance occur in a new song being “leaked” to the general public. It’s a track called These Are My Twisted Words and thus far the reactions from fans, nazel-gazers and chin-strokers alie have been mixed thus far. To me personally, I like it. It’s dark. It’s a bit on the sparse side but allows the song to be carried by the most underrated drummer in music today in Phil Selway.

What sounds like could be a simple jam session that got lucky on tape still works. Thom doesn’t say much here but is usually the case. He doesn’t need to but the sounds of caged ghosts trying to escape purgatory that emanate from his throat do the job that the lyrics begin.  Rumour has it that Words will appear on an EP that teh lads will drop this coming week entitled Walls Of Ice. Oh goodie!!

Whatever you may think of the track, I think we can all agree that it’s good to see the kings are on their way back.

“These Are My Twisted Words”, by Radiohead from the rumoured forthcoming EP, “Walls Of Ice”



  1. i like u!! =)

  2. i don’t like the song!! =!

  3. Thanks for sharing this!!!!

  4. Excellent site, keep up the good work

    • Hello Bill. Thank you so much for the kind words!

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